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About this image – Tusk was the follow up album to Rumours. The band did not want to do Rumours 2; the music on this recording would be much different and so the packaging had to reflect that change. My brother Jay and I were co-art directors and designers on this project. We hired three photographers for this project: Peter Beard for his richly textured journal-keeping, Norman Seeff for his classic rock style and Jayme Odgers for a surreal take on the band. Peter hung out in the recording studio for two weeks documenting the band during the recording process. The cover shot is of producer Ken Caillat’s dog Scooter tugging on Ken’s pant leg. Scooter was just playing, but he looks ferocious. This was one of the last double album package extravaganzas and at the time, not loved by some die hard FM fans. I actually received the entire package in the mail, completely torn to pieces as a protest to this new look.

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