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About this cover – I was in New York for work but I had some time off, which I spent at an art museum. As I was leaving MOMA, I saw a sign pointing to a photography exhibit by George Hurrell. I wasn’t familiar with Hurrell’s work but, once I saw his photos, I was blown away. George Hurrell had photographed almost every major movie star since the 1930’s and his beautiful black and white prints were so impressive that I tracked him down as soon as I had a new album cover project. I didn’t even know if he was still alive, but I did finally reach the then-80-year-old photographer in Los Angeles and found him to be very friendly and eager to take on a new project. He still used his original wooden body 8×10 camera with one single light source. Mirage is the second project we did together. The first was the package for Lindsey’s solo album Law & Order, and we also did materials for Alexander Godunov’s world ballet tour. George and I became good friends and we would have lunch together every week either at Musso & Frank or the Brown Derby and he would regale me with stories of old Hollywood. George died in 1992.

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