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I met Danny Elfman in L.A. in 1985.  He told me he had just written some theme music for a new TV show and that he had loved the experience and was looking forward to doing more theme music. I asked him what the name of the new show was and he said, “something called The Simpsons”. As we all know now, Danny Elfman went on to be one of the most in-demand movie score writers in the business. I did the art direction and design for this fun project. Jayme Odgers was the photographer and his girlfriend at the time, Celeste Williams, made the clay figures while Jayme and I made the sets and tissue border. That is a real sparkler stuck in the backdrop just over the painting of a volcano. Some of the figures were moved a little during the exposure to add a sense of movement. I’m happy to say that Danny purchased the final set-up for his own collection.

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